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Ozone Therapy

Aoki Yumi Medical Clinic  Ozone Therapy
The blood ozone therapy is an instillation therapy using medical ozone. This therapy will not inject ozone gas into the body because ozone gas itself can be harmful to people.
This is a therapy in which your withdrawn blood will be first reacted through the addition of ozone and then such blood be returned to your body intravenously.
More specifically, when medical ozone containing a small amount of ozone gas is injected into a bag of blood already withdrawn, red blood cells in blood will turn to bright red with taking in oxygen, completely extinguishing the ozone gas at this moment. Then, returning this blood that has been activated in reaction to ozone intravenously, the blood inside your body will get stimulated and initiate various reactions.
Because the blood ozone therapy consequently affects the essential functions of your body such as immune strength and the activation of cells, it has been used for extending purposes such as the prevention and treatment of diseases and rejuvenation (anti-aging therapies).
In Europe and America, this therapy has been frequently provided as an adjunctive therapy to cancer patients.

Three major effects of Ozone therapy

Aoki Yumi Medical Clinic  Three major effects of Ozone therapy

1.Enhancing Immune Strength

Ozone produces an oxidized substance named ozonide in reaction to red blood cells as well as lipid and water contained in blood. Ozonide stimulates the immunity of your body and improve your blood stream.

2.Improving Antioxidative Potency Originally Existing in Body

The amount of antioxidant enzymes neutralizing the active oxygen in your body will decrease as you become older. The blood ozone therapy enhances your antioxidative potency because it promotes the production of antioxidant enzymes through the stimulation by the blood in reaction to ozone.

3.Activating cells by increasing utilization ratio of oxygen

In your early years, you enjoy a high use ratio of oxygen taken in the body and also change it to your energies in an efficient manner.
However, as you age, your use ratio of oxygen is going to decrease, deteriorating your energy production efficacy.

Past research data have demonstrated that the blood ozone therapy encourages the production of ATP becoming the source of your energies as it enhances the functions of mitochondria in the cells and consequently improves the use ratio of oxygen. One can argue that such fact is the overwhelming proof that the ozone therapy is effective for anti-aging efforts.